Expert floor restoration services

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Our expert floor restoration services here at Terry Waters French Polishing encompass all floor types and could benefit a range of different sectors. Whether you’re a commercial property in need of a refresh or a heritage site that requires a professional touch, TWFP’s professional wood restoration team have you covered.

Chair caning techniques

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Terry Waters offers a complete chair caning restoration service that will breathe life into your furniture. There are very few companies in the UK that can provide the same level of service and final finish as Terry Waters.

Leather repair service

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Don’t take chances with your leather by trying to hide or fix the problem yourself. Contact Terry Waters to ensure you’re in safe hands. We have a wide range of services covering all aspects of furniture restoration, from French polishing to leather restoration, contact our professional services team on 01827 874 535 for a wider

Onsite wood restoration

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Here at Terry Waters French Polishing, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver wood restoration services on-site at a time that suits you. Working towards your schedule our talented and highly trained staff will complete jobs on time and to the highest standard.