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How to clean stained hardwood floors

Terry Waters French Polishing are the UK’s largest French Polisher. When it comes to maintaining wooden flooring, our size and experience is again our advantage. Here are some basic tips to help maintain your hardwood flooring, if the damage is a bit more than your willing to take on then please get in touch.

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Car leather repair

Did you know Terry Waters now provide car leather repair and restoration services? With our help, you can bring your car leather interiors back to life. Many of the skills we use daily can be transferred to car leather repair, such as stain removal, colour loss restoration, matching textures and mending general damage including cracks…

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Shaping wooden furniture with steam

Here at Terry Waters French Polishing we usually see the negative effects extreme heat and water has on wood, with white ring marks on table top surfaces the usual result. However, steam bending is a novel way in which wood designers can create unique wooden furniture. The process requires heat and moisture to be applied…

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Small wooden chapel built to commemorate victims of Chernobyl

A small wooden chapel has been built on the grounds of Marian House in North London, to commemorate the victims of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. Spheron Architects chose the area because of its ties to the Belarusian community of Woodside Park. The disaster displaced thousands of people from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, with many of…

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Wood Design in 2016

Here we review some of the biggest stories from the world of wood design and innovation during 2016. Sustainable wood used for 2016 Rio Olympic medal cases The wooden cases have been carved from freijó wood otherwise known as Spanish Elm, Ecuador Laurel, cypre and salmwood. As you may have guessed the wood is mostly…

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Work starts on Tokyo’s 2020 lattice timbered stadium

Construction work has begun on the Tokyo 2020 lattice timbered stadium, designed by Kengo Kuma, who was controversially selected over British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Hadid was let go from the job back in July, despite having worked on the design for over two years. Kuma was revealed to be taking over the project in December,…

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Trees killed by mountain beetles used in wooden construction

Michael Green Architects have built a seven-storey building in Minneapolis, with timber salvaged from trees killed by mountain pine beetles. In the United States more than 60 million acres have been destroyed by the insect. The number of beetles have increased due to global warming, reports National Geographic. The scale of the current epidemic is…

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Football ground to be made entirely from wood

A new 5,000 seater football stadium for Forest Green Rovers, will be made completely from wood and has been dubbed the greenest stadium in the world. Powered by sustainable energy sources, the stadium will be the centrepiece of a new £100 million sports and green technology business park.

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Wooden Floating home built on Chichester Canal

Architects have built a wooden floating home on the Chichester Canal in the South of England. The home is a replica of a design that won an award earlier in the year, the objective of the ideas competition was to help solve the housing crisis in London. The design is aptly named Chichester, and Baca…

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A guide to Japanese wooden joinery

A Japanese man has dedicated his spare time into creating a Twitter account that shows how timber joints slot together. The Twitter account is the complete 3D guide to Japanese wooden joinery styles. The account is called The Joinery and is made up of over 80 gifs, and has attracted over 20,000 followers since its creation. Its creator has a day job in the car industry but is an avid collector of woodwork books. All the gifs display Japanese joinery styles which don’t require the use of glue, nails or screws.

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Bio-degradable wooden building in the heart of Botswana

Here at Terry Waters French Polishing we are always on the lookout for design that carefully considers the environment and its surroundings. This wooden building was built within a World Heritage Site teaming with wildlife, every aspect had to be carefully considered and closely scrutinised.

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Huge wooden model of London born to be burnt

The team at Terry Waters has French Polished many commercial and non-commercial building in and around London. Unfortunately, this particular wooden structure was never meant to be preserved, instead this wooden model was born to get burned.


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Wooden building airlifted onto Skuta Mountain

A group of Harvard University students designed the Alpine Shelter Skuta during a workshop ran by Spela Videcnik and Rok Oman of Slovenian studios OFIS. Spela and Rok assigned a task to the students, to design a cabin near the peak of the Slovenian Skuta Mountain. The students had to make sure the cabin was tough enough to withstand the extreme Alpine climate.









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Largest hybrid timber structure commissioned for Vancouver

The planned residential tower will be the tallest of its kind in the world, and will rise near the waterfront in central Vancouver. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been commissioned to design the hybrid timber building, the structure will be named Terrace House.

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French polishing the RMS QM2

Cunard Line marked its 175th anniversary with a £90 million redesign of the RMS Queen Mary 2. The ship has been around since 2004 and is the only cruise which operates a transatlantic voyage from Southampton to New York all year round.The refurbishment included new carpets, soft furnishings, lighting and a huge amount of French Polishing.














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