Fighting Corona Virus

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One of the useful tools that we use here at Terry Waters French Polishing is an ozone machine.  An ozone machine is used to permanently destroy the smell of smoke and soot that can be left on furniture (especially things like the insides of chest of drawers or wardrobes. It looks like this Ozone is

Chair caning techniques

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Terry Waters offers a complete chair caning restoration service that will breathe life into your furniture. There are very few companies in the UK that can provide the same level of service and final finish as Terry Waters.

Onsite wood restoration

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Here at Terry Waters French Polishing, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver wood restoration services on-site at a time that suits you. Working towards your schedule our talented and highly trained staff will complete jobs on time and to the highest standard.

Car leather repair

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Did you know Terry Waters now provide car leather repair and restoration services? With our help, you can bring your car leather interiors back to life. Many of the skills we use daily can be transferred to car leather repair, such as stain removal, colour loss restoration, matching textures and mending general damage including cracks

Wood Repair | Grit Grade Guide

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Here at Terry Waters French Polishing we use sandpaper on a daily basis. We are often asked about the different types of sandpaper and when to use them. We have put together the following "Grit Grade Guide" to help you choose the correct sandpaper for your particular job. Following this guide should help you get the best results

Top 5 tips for repairing wooden furniture

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Here at Terry Waters we like to give you a helping hand when it comes to home repairs and repairing wooden furniture. Here we have highlighted some of the more common problems that can arise with wooden furniture and how to fix them with minimal expense.

Hardwood Floor Restoration

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Floor restoration takes a lot of time, skill and patience, if you think you have what it takes follow the infographic below and put your DIY skills to the test. If you’re not too sure then give Terry Waters French Polishing a call, where we can guarantee you’ll be in safe hands.

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