Wooden floors

Expert floor restoration services

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Our expert floor restoration services here at Terry Waters French Polishing encompass all floor types and could benefit a range of different sectors. Whether you’re a commercial property in need of a refresh or a heritage site that requires a professional touch, TWFP’s professional wood restoration team have you covered.

How to clean stained hardwood floors

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Terry Waters French Polishing are the UK’s largest French Polisher. When it comes to maintaining wooden flooring, our size and experience is again our advantage. Here are some basic tips to help maintain your hardwood flooring, if the damage is a bit more than your willing to take on then please get in touch.

French polishers captivated by unusual floors

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Our team of French polishers have worked on many wooden floors, from retail outlets and restaurants to those found on beautiful yachts sailing around the world. We love the look of wooden floors, and recently we’ve noticed a trend to make that wood even more interesting. Traditionally, wooden floors are made of straight floorboards that