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Commercial French Polishing Expertise

Our commercial French polishing services come in many forms:

It may be polishing 1200 steamed beech doors on a new-build hospital site, it could be laminated surfaces or even hand polishing the £26,000,000 yacht we recently worked on.

It could be that we have to meet the exacting standards of conservation of English Heritage to use our French Polish skills to polish up the wooden panelling in listed buildings throughout the UK.

We also work with hotels, museums, restaurants and other large public places, to provide them with a professional French Polishing service. Some of these clients require a high quantity of objects polishing in a relatively short time period. In these instances we may use our spray polishing techniques.

We are also very discreet – many of our customers lead private lives and do not wish for publicity or mention. Their properties may be in the UK or abroad.

Insurance Appraisals

We pride ourselves on being the largest national French Polishing company in the country. As such we provide wood damage appraisals – such as in the instance of fire or flooding – and repair services nationwide.

This allows disaster management companies and franchises of all sizes to be confident in the uniform quality of service, as well as knowing that we can offer the audit trails and standards required by the FSA and insurance companies.

Our dedicated office staff and insurance specific French Polishers maintain a swift and accurate response giving all of our customers in this sector a bespoke service meeting our clients needs and service level agreements.

Maintaining Wooden Flooring

Terry Waters French Polishing are the UK’s largest French Polisher. When it comes to maintaining wooden flooring, our size and experience is again our advantage. We deal with very little with domestic work as we excel in on-site, larger and high quality French Polishing projects. These can sometimes be new or existing floors with an area of up to 2000sm.

We know our retail customers cannot afford to have their opening hours infringed upon, which is why we offer  ‘out of hour French Polishing services’. Other very important residential customers that we deal with, have very strict conditions with no noise before or after certain hours.

In an industry where material costs are a large factor on the total project price, we use only the best French Polishing lacquers and oils to give the very hardest and finest finish to any of our flooring projects.

Leather Restoration

Repairing damage to leather is a skill that runs in tandem with our core business. Many of the skills are transferable, from colour matching and grain matching to achieving the correct texture and sheen. Terry Waters provide a professional repair and restoration service, helping restore your leather items back to their former glory. Perhaps you can spot the square of leather that we repaired below?


Leather Cleaning

There is no need to replace your damaged leather furniture, when a professional clean can make it look as good as new.

Just cleaning a tired leather sofa can bring it back to life. Leather is a valuable and delicate material to work with, our professional leather services will make leather furniture and car interiors as good as new.

 Unfortunately, accidents do happen, in this example, a paint spillage was cleaned off without damaging the leather, which saved the sofa being replaced.

Damage can be removed to extend the life of your leather furniture.

We take great pride in restoring your leather furniture through a simple process of cleaning, polishing and preserving the look of your leather furniture. This helps maintain the quality and longevity of your leather items.

Leather Replacement

If the damage is beyond cosmetic repair, complete leather replacement is a service that we offer.

We match the grain and thickness of your leather. This ensures the replaced leather looks and feels the same as the original.

Our leather restoration services would benefit

  • Furniture retailers and manufacturers
  • Owners of classic cars or vintage furniture
  • Insurance , high end and commercial clients

Car leather repair

We don’t just specialise in leather furniture restoration and repair, we also restore leather car seats and leather interiors. Our specialist leather restoration service helps to improve the appearance and increase the value of your car. Here we have some before and after pictures of Terry Waters car interior restoration:

Re-caning Services

Terry Waters provide a professional repair and restoration service, helping restore your cane or rush items back to their former state.

Chair caning repair is one of the most satisfying parts of our restoration service. While it is very time consuming the results are always a pleasure to see.

Recolouring cane

Recolouring to cane and rush seating is a skill that runs in tandem with our core business. Terry Waters provide a professional repair and restoration service, helping restore your cane items back to their former glory.

Shop Floor French Polishing

Because of heavy footfall and constant use, the woodwork in retail locations and restaurants is prone to damage and excessive wear and tear. To help retailers maintain a clean, welcoming look, we provide a range of French polishing services, from refurbishing and finishing floors, to French polishing doors, furniture and other trim.

We provide a consistent high-quality colour and finish across all floors and furniture, so multiple locations will all have the same look and feel.

We know how important it is to keep your shop running as efficiently as possible during the refurbishment, so our team of expert French polishers can work during closing hours and throughout the night. We will also make sure to leave the shop clean and ready for retail trade the next day. And, for retail locations that need immediate attention, we can work to specific deadlines and can provide reports on the floor condition of your shop or restaurant.

Our French polishing services for retailers have been used by some of the UK’s most popular shops and restaurants, including Next, American Apparel, Hard Rock Café, Superdry, and Café Rouge.

For more information on our French polishing services for retailers, please contact us today.

Restoration services for Historical and Heritage sites

Terry Waters French Polishing have been the French polisher of choice for many of the UK’s historical and heritage wood restoration projects, including for Royal palaces, castles and stately homes. We are tried and trusted to deliver professional and sensitive restoration services which respects the special conditions associated with historical and heritage site projects.

Whether employed directly by estate managers, or sub-contracted to support incumbent restoration services, at Terry Waters French Polishing we have the historical and heritage site experience and expertise necessary to ensure that our contribution to the overall project restoration coordinates perfectly with other on-site craftsmen and specialists.

Fireproofing Services

Terry Waters French Polishing are the leading UK French polisher, wood restoration and protection business. We have vast experience and expertise in providing UK commercial properties and heritage sites with protective fireproofing services. Following legislation, it has never been more important to use reputable French Polishers for fireproofing services.

Whilst the law requires some areas to achieve class 0 or 1 it is not the law that the finish looks good… and many fabulous projects are let down by this fact. At TWFP we know how to combine protective fireproofing services with the finest possible finishes available.

We have decades of experience in the application of fireproofing materials and have worked on projects ranging from temples and museums to hotels and restaurants, as well as commercial retail and office locations.

No matter what the need, our fireproofing services are for you. We’ve sen it all – one of the most bizarre objects that we ever fireproofed was a coffin!!! There was a good reason why this was necessary, but it would be a shame to ruin a good story by telling you now…

Spray Finishing Services

We have two distinct areas to our spray shops. We have the high volume shop and the high quality shop.

We appreciate that, whilst many of our customers would like a bespoke and truly perfect French polish finish, some items cannot command a price that justifies the intensity of labour involved. In this respect our dedicated, purpose built high volume spray finishing facilities allow us to turn out large quantities of chairs and frames, or thousands of linear metres of skirting , flooring or panels finished to Class 1 or Class 0 fireproofing standard.

We achieve this with cellulose as well as water based lacquers to our different customers specifications.

The other side of our polishing workshop operation allows us to spend time achieving finishes for some of the most demanding clients. We carry out research and development for a number of customers for whom we give specifications and samples to be forwarded to other plants throughout the world.

French Polishing Services for Architects

TWFP are the UK’s largest French polisher and regularly provide French polishing services for architects.

Many architects, interiors companies, shopfitters, construction companies and designers fear that smaller subcontractors will not be able to cope with final accounts, staged payments, self billing, measurements from bills of quantities, or drawings.

It may be a concern that the volume of work cannot be completed in time or that enough skilled French Polishers will be available.

As one of the final trades, we can make or break a contract with regard to quality of finish or timing.

Contractors need us to be flexible enough to move our French Polishing work backwards or forwards.

You can rest assured that your quantity surveyors and designers alike will find our French Polishing service second to none.

Professional bodies

We belong to a number of professional bodies