Terry Waters offers a complete chair caning restoration service that will breathe life into your furniture. There are very few companies in the UK that can provide the same level of service and final finish as Terry Waters.

re-caning furniture

Over the years the number of skilled chair caners progressively declined. Most chair caners are self-taught and, as a consequence, their work is generally not of a high standard. Get in touch with TWFP to ensure you get the final finish you were looking for.

There are two main types of cane

  1. Ready-woven, which comes on a roll and is glued to your chair seat or back. It has been commonly used since the middle of the last century and most chairs would be caned using this method.
  2. Hand woven cane, is threaded by hand, through holes that have been drilled around the edge of the seat frame or another area that needs caning.

There are three chair caning techniques:

  1. The traditional and most used technique is weaving a single strand of cane through a range of holes around a panel to achieve a six-way design.
  2. A less used technique is close caning where there are no gaps between the individual strands.
  3. The third technique is using a machine-woven sheet that creates the six-way pattern.

Recolouring cane

Recolouring to cane and rush seating is a skill that runs in tandem with our core business. Terry Waters provide a professional repair and restoration service, helping restore your cane items back to their former glory.

Seat weaving with Terry Waters

Get in touch with Terry Waters today to discuss your chair caning and seat weaving requirements, or to enquire about our other services including leather restoration and French polishing, please call on 01827 874 535 to speak to one of our professional team or complete our online form.

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