Here at Terry Waters we like to give you a helping hand when it comes to home repairs and repairing wooden furniture. Here we have highlighted some of the more common problems that can arise with wooden furniture and how to fix them with minimal expense.

  1. Ink stains

Severe ink stains that have penetrated the finish would require a complete re-finish. Follow this process if the ink stain is less serious. Apply mineral spirits to a cloth and lightly buff the ink stained area and then clean the area with water and a soft cloth. Apply wax and polish after the surface is completely dry.

  1. Repair a deep scratch

Wax works best for very deep scratches on flat surfaces such as tables. Find a wax filler stick that closely matches the colour of the surface you are trying to repair. Lightly rub the stick across the scratch to fill it, use a cloth and white spirit to remove any excess. Finally apply beeswax to the area and gently buff with a duster.

  1. Repair a shallow scratch

Wood stain is the best option for a shallow scratch. Again find a wood stain that closely matches the surface you are trying to repair. You may need to blend colours to get a close match to your surface. Use an artist’s brush to apply the stain to the shallow scratch, once dry apply beeswax and buff with a soft cloth.

  1. Fixing a dent

This tip should only be used on an unfinished surface because the steam could damage most finishes.

Cover the dent with a damp cloth and apply a hot iron over the area for a few seconds. The heat should make the wood swell and the dent disappear.

  1. Dark spots and rings 

Dark spots appear after a prolonged spell of moisture exposure, such as a plant pot being left on a table for a few days. Unlike white spots, black spots are harder to remove and would require the area to be stripped, bleached with oxalic acid and refinished.

Terry Waters wood restoration

We hope these tips have helped you in repairing wooden furniture. If you require wood restoration on a grander scale such as repairing damaged Altro floors, UPVC, work surfaces and doors please get in touch. Our highly trained wood experts here at Terry Waters French Polishing have years of experience in wood restoration and onsite remedial work. Call TWFP for any other fireproofing and French polishing services on 01827 874 535 or email us at

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