Our retail French polishing team love the gorgeous use of wood in this shop for Kayanoya

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Following our recent blog which featured a stunning woven wood lattice interior for Starbucks by Kengo Kuma, the Terry Waters French Polishing team have found another masterful use of wood by this talented Japanese architect. Take a look at this retail outlet for soy sauce manufacturer Kayanoya. We’d love to apply our retail French polishing services to it.

As leading providers of French polishing for retailers we love this beautiful reclaimed wood interior for Aesop Bibliotekstan

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As the UK’s largest French polishers, a great deal of our experience and expertise is focused on the restoration services and French polishing for retailers we provide UK businesses across the country. Whether it’s a single premises or a chain of outlets, our French polishers have seen a wide and diverse range of interiors over

French polishing can bring your retail outlet’s wooden fixtures and fittings back to life

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You may think that French polishing can only be used in a home environment to restore your dining tables and chest of drawers, but you’d be mistaken. French polishing can be applied to wooden furniture in a number of different settings, one of these being retail outlets. Customers have certain expectations when entering a shopping