One of the useful tools that we use here at Terry Waters French Polishing is an ozone machine.  An ozone machine is used to permanently destroy the smell of smoke and soot that can be left on furniture (especially things like the insides of chest of drawers or wardrobes.

It looks like this

Ozone is a colourless gas that has the ability to oxidize odours. Ozone is similar to the oxygen that we breathe. Think back to your school chemistry lessons! The oxygen we breathe has 2 molecules of Oxygen (O2) whereas Ozone has 3 molecules (O3)

An ozone generator makes these O3 molecules that then react with the odour molecules. So there is a break down the molecules and bacteria that are causing the smells leaving the air fresher and cleaner.

Ozone has been noted as a confirmed killer of micro organisms such as E.Coli and MRSA

But it ALSO kills all “enveloped viruses” such as Corona virus SARS.

So when we were approached by a local care home with a confirmed outbreak of CO-VID 19 we were more than happy to lend them this clever bit of kit. Every common area was methodically treated as well as the residents individual rooms. Now there are restrictions and precautions in using Ozone and the proper practices were followed but after the introduction of the machines there were no more new cases and it has now officially been removed from it’s “lockdown” status.

The manager and staff were delighted and left us a short testimonial below.