You know us well enough to know we can remove fire smoke and soot damage from timber and furniture but what about leather?

The sofa, as you can see was in a state when it came in. There was soot, there were stains, The grain was black, and it STANK!

We were, at first, uncertain whether we could restore completely to pre-damage condition so we put in a percentage chance of success with the insurance company.

As happens quite often they asked us to proceed but to stop as soon as possible if we thought we were not going to successful (to keep their costs to a minimum).

So we set about washing down the leather and the wood. As you would expect different materials are used on the two different surfaces.

Once washed down and dry the sofas with their first visit to our ozone room to destroy any residual smell of smoke.

Our pre-clean revealed that the sofa had previously been worked on as the finish was peeling:

We had to remove this bad repair before we could then start to refinish.

The results speak for themselves as the smoke damaged surfaces came up like new.

Once we were happy with the finishes to the timber and leather we disassembled where we could and re-treated with ozone to make sure there was absolutely no smell left. We then reassembled and returned to the customer.