Project Description

Shop floors generally receive an enormous amount of abuse and a scruffy floor doesn’t do justice to the items on sale. This floor in Omagh was in a poor state. The walk ways were worn back to bare timber and the cleaning regime appeared to be to wet mopping which, in turn, has sent the Oak flooring that horrible dark grey/black.

You can see the bad damage to the centre of the floor. You can also see the “rash” around the worn areas caused by stiletto heels.

damaged shop floor repairs


As always we had to carry out our sanding to this store out pf hours so that the client didn’t lose a single minute of trading.

The first runs with our Laegler Hummel show how all of that wear can be removed… Except this floor has been sanded before. This kind of engineered wood floor means there is only 4mm of top surface. Two heavy sands would remove the valuable Oak top surface so we have to sand very carefully taking off only the bare minimum.

sanding shop floors

Here it is sanded and finished all within “one shift.” Before we leave the store we make sure the floor has dried and we then lift the furniture back into position (we photograph the layout before we start) so the staff are not inconvenienced.

Another happy customer fills in our work report on site.

If your shop floor needs some tender loving care then please do get in touch using our contact form or call one of our helpful team in the office for a chat