There  are some jobs that we look at and we think the results will be worthwhile.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell as the beauty is very well hidden.  Take the dining floor at the Macintosh Burlington Hotel- it used to be  called the Midland Hotel in the centre of Birmingham.

It had many many years of polish buffed into a floor that had not been cleaned properly.  As a result the fish went darker and darker and darker….. Except where the nylon feet on the bottoms of the chairs were damaging the “Herringbone floor.”  Where the nylon feet were broken there were just steel pins sticking out of the bottoms of the chairs.

If you look at the pics your first thought would probably be carpet it (not so good in a dining room) or rip it up and start again

Our sanding machines took the first levels of polish and stain off and this exposed all of the deep gauges that occurred over the year. It made it look much better but still a long way from a floor that you’d be happy to see in such a fine hotel. It also exposed a beautiful mahogany double border that gave the room real elegance.

Many of the boards were loose and some of the gaps were big enough to get your thumb in!

What to do?  The client didn’t want to lose the age and character of the floor so we filled the small gaps and screws the loose boards down.  We then touched out this with filler.

Now we were ready to start coating.

As you can see the floor now looks loved and something you’s be happy to dance across!

What a transformation from the dark chocolate brown for that we started with just the day before.

If you would like to renew your hotel or shop floor then please get in touch for more information. Terry Waters French Polishing work throughout the UK and Ireland.