We are currently embarking on the Byron refurbishment programme in conjunction with our friends at RTS Contracts in Lutterworth. These great burger stores have an industrial feel and many of their premises have many original features (which, in our opinion adds to the ambience).

As you can see, when the old fittings are removed the age and wear becomes apparent and the first instinct is to rip the floor up, overlay it or put down a new vinyl. The gaps are open and it’s very uneven having not been sanded for probably 40+ years.

Parquet has its own challenges as you usually sand WITH the grain. On a floor where the wooden blocks laid at 90 degrees this is not possible. So a balance has to be struck and further machinery required to give that great finish.

We finished the straight grained half first. This was done within a day which then allowed RTS to move their kit on to it and so not stop their progress on what was a very tight schedule. You can see the beauty of the grain of the timber. Some water based lacquers can leave the finish looking dull or milky but this floor has a real WOW factor!