This is a listed building in Bristol. It had a false ceiling constructed that covered all of the rafters and beams When it was exposed you can see that the bottom 2 or 3 rows of boards had been replaced at some point time with rough hewn timbers (It didn’t matter at the time as the ceiling was covered).

When it was exposed the decorators tried to coat the timber but you can see that they went black.  They then tried to sand then and this exposed the new “White” timber.

We were called in and asked to match the timbers- the architect didn’t want them to look new- they wanted to keep the patina and feel.

So we sanded JUST the bottom 2 rows  to remove the blackness and planer marks

Fortunately our polishers are PASMA and IPAF trained as it was quite high up.

This allowed us to tone them together, Sympathetically matched without removing the ageing to look like this: