The Client:
American Apparel is a global company with shops in 20 countries. The store sells popular clothing and accessories and as such, its stores need to reflect the retailer’s quality products. This means that everything from the lighting to the French polished flooring is carefully thought through.


The Job:
Retail French polishing services. The constant foot traffic throughout American Apparel’s stores means that the in-store flooring needs regular maintenance to ensure a professional, uniformed French polish on its wood floors and staircases.

In 2011, we were contacted by American Apparel subcontractors and asked to restore the wooden flooring in their UK stores. We continue to provide French polishing services in several of their retail locations.


Our Solution:
Since it is imperative that we hit our deadlines and minimise disruption to sales, our team provide retail French polishing services throughout the night, refurbishing the wooden floors so that they can be ready for shop opening times the following day.

Our French polishers use fast drying materials to ensure everything is ready for the heavy foot traffic anticipated when the store reopens. We also make sure we leave the retail store floors in a state ready for trade.


Our retail French polishing services includes:

  • Heavy sanding to remove the stains on the solid board flooring
  • Out of hours working provisions
  • Consistent high quality finish that meet high retail industry standards
  • Professional service
  • Operation within smaller retail spaces


Retail French polishing services for American Apparel

Our retail French polishing services have continued to meet American Apparel’s needs.