Interesting wooden objects

Unusual wooden art leaves our French polishers in awe

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Our experienced team of French polishers have seen many different forms of wooden art throughout their many years of providing French polishing expertise, but we don’t think we’ve quite seen anything like this before! Situated in Chaudfontaine Park, Belgium, Turkish artist Mehmut Ali Uysal’s incredible giant wooden clothes peg sculpture bestrides a small mound, seemingly

Our French polishers are amazed by this magnificent wooden motorcycle

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Our French Polishers see a lot of impressive wooden objects in their day to day lives, both those they apply French polishing to, and those they come across on the internet. One particular wooden wonder has had them enthralled all week – this superb wooden motorcycle made by Hungarian, Istvan Puskas. This impressive work of

French polishers praise wood carving genius

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Our French polishers are stunned after seeing this video of a gentleman who has been carving wood most of his life. Since the tender age of 10 he has managed to build a comprehensive collection of some of the most jaw-dropping wood carvings you’ll come across. The video shows Mr Merritt talking about his hobby,