Sometimes we undertake work on the behalf of insurance companies. In this case there had been an accident in the home.

The end leaf of the Ercol table was very badly water damaged as were the chairs. Water had broken down the lacquer but fortunately had not blown the veneer on the table top.

Our french polishers are very tidy workers so we often do not need to take the furniture off-site. This is often much more convenient for you at home as you only need to wait in on one day, and not two.

The first job was to strip the wood back to bare timber (you can see our clean dust sheets underneath the table)

We gave it a “tickle” with an orbital sander (attached to a vacuum of course to reduce mess). You can find out about types of sandpaper by clicking here!

Next we applied a weak stain, then a coat of white polish to bring out the depth of grain and finally A/C lacquer to give a hard wearing finish.

What is A/C lacquer?

Acid catalysed lacquer (A/C) is very hard wearing coating. You add 2 components together at the point your about to use it. This is more difficult to use than a pre-mixed lacquer but produces a much better and more professional result.

The customer was delighted with the finished repair as you can see by their comment on the job sheet.

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