Here at Terry Waters French Polishing we take on a variety of repair works from water damaged furniture through to restoring suits of armour! This month we focus on an interesting restoration project up the road at Nottingham Trent University.

Damage caused by false ceiling

The main chamber had been altered into smaller offices in the 1970’s with a lowered suspended ceiling.  The timber was in a terrible condition.

The listed doors had much hidden damage. They had been dipped and stripped causing the timbers to denature. you can see how the caustic soda had tortured the wood causing it to fur up, bow and split. We had to wrestle them into shape, neutralise them properly and then start to stain and polish them

colour matching for wood restoration

The approved colour was dark oak. We matched a sample for their approval.

The excellent joiners replicated historical features that had been destroyed in the 70’s when the “Modernisation” of the building had taken place!

With the walls and ceilings restored the panelling made the whole room look majestic!

Following on from this project we were invited to carry out work on the next phase at 48 Shakespeare Street. The project was to convert a synagogue into a ceremony hall for the graduation of the students.

The existing finish had perished and all had to be stripped off, stained and re-polished. It really was a building site, but we’re used to working in these conditions and still turning up a quality product. Some pews were very tired, and dried out. Other pews were made from scratch and had to be stained and polished at our premises before being taken to site.

The project is now nearing completion with the first graduation ceremonies due to take place later this month.