Restoration of ice skates is very similar to that of any leather surface. Modern leathers have a colour applied to the face.

As with most products there are different quality leathers ranging from full grain leather down to bonded leather (which are just scraps glued together or even leather dust!)

Most leathers tend to be of a corrected grain where imperfections have been removed but then the pattern of the hide embossed into it.

Full grain leathers tend to be aniline dyed but these will absorb water easily and discolour. Clearly this would not be suitable for ice skates so they would most likely be finished in a pigmented and waterproofed coating. This also then allows for the brilliant white, or absolutely any other possible colour.

Keeping the leather in good condition is paramount as once water gets beyond the protective skin it can cause it to swell and split which further breaks down the pigmented finish.

Leather colour restoration is closely allied with our main core skills as an eye for colour matching is essential.

It is good for us to work on something that would at first glance appear to be small and insignificant, rather than say the aniline leathers or shagreen leathers (the skin of stingray!) on a yacht or on the interior of a supercar as quite often (as was the case here) the leather skates were of really sentimental meaning to the client. and sometime items are truly priceless in the eyes of the owner.



Thank you for the email and picture showing the before and after restoration work on my grandmother’s ice skating boots you’ve completed.
I am so so happy with the results. Thank you very much! I realise that the end game was never to get them looking ‘new’, but the sentimental value of them was so great, and what you’ve accomplished has astounded me. They look fantastic.
Thank you again!!

Mrs T, Happy Customer

Terry Waters leather restoration services aren’t limited to leather repair, we also offer leather cleaning, repair, and replacements for leather furniture. Leather is a valuable and delicate material to work with, our professional leather services will make leather furniture and car interiors as good as new. For more information please contact our professional services team today on 01827 874 535 or complete our online form.