This half a century old writing desk was subject to a torrential soaking.

You can see the discolouration as the water has run down the front. White water marks can be seen running down the front of the desk draws. The water also soaked all of the insides too. The polish, already fragile due to age, had therefore crazed and shattered.

Here at the West Midlands biggest french polishers we set about repairing this water damaged wood.

First we stripped the desk back to bare timber we then filled the worse splits.


We did NOT make it “As good as new” because, like may items of furniture it is full of sentimentality and memories.

Next we re-polished it using french polish, touched out the filled areas using our traditional earth pigments of ochre and umber and put a practice coat of lacquer over the top of this to make sure it is usable for the future.

As you can see Terry Waters French Polishing carried out this work in the customer’s house leaving no mess.

Our satisfaction note says it all:

A very happy customer who originally thought their 57 year old wedding present was ruined forever.

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