A piece of furniture came in that was missing a small portion of beading. We could not source the exact same beading anywhere. This left us with a dilemma.

We could have commissioned a bespoke cutter to be made from tungsten and steel. This would be a huge cost both financially and environmentally for the sake of a 6inch piece of wood. 

We like to pride ourselves with our ingenuity here at Terry Waters French Polishing, so we took a piece of bead off the other side of the unit. We made a negative cast of this piece (Useful tip: wax the model piece so it is easier to release).

After several attempts with different mediums including Clay, plaster of paris we finally got the result we wanted using car body filler.

We tidied up the edges and glued into position before matching the colours perfectly!

Can you tell which is the real wood and which is the cast?