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As the UK’s largest French polishers we have vast experience of providing wood and non-wood restoration, remedial repair, cleaning, spray polishing and French polishing services to leisure food and drink outlets, such as cafés, bistros, restaurants, pubs and bars. As regular readers of our French polishing blog will know, our team are always looking out for new interiors which feature a rich use of wood. This café in Melbourne, Australia has caught their attention.

Jury Café is located inside the decommissioned Pentridge Prison. Interiors firm Biasol: Design Studio were chosen to create a setting that both respected the dark past of the prison and also breathed new life into the café. Part of a new housing and shopping complex, Pentridge Village, the café caters for residents only. The 475-square-metre café features pale timber struts, plywood furniture and wooden floor, set against bare concrete walls and pastel and monochrome paintwork. The result is a light, fresh and calm environment that customers can relax in over flat whites and espressos.

While pristine at the moment, the Terry Waters French Polishing team know from experience that over time surfaces, tables, chairs, doors and floors will accumulate dents and scratches, particularly in popular, heavy footfall establishments like cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars. When appropriate, and given the chance, we’d love to apply our specialist services to the Jury Café.

Whether it’s sanding away scratches, filling in and blending dents, applying spray finishing to large numbers of chairs and tables, or polishing surfaces and floors, the TWFP team have the experience and know how to get the job done right – first time every time. What’s more, we’ll work around your schedule at a time that suits your needs, ensuring your business isn’t affected by our activities.

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