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Our French Polishers discover these extraordinary wood carvings!

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Throughout the many years at Terry Waters French Polishing, our professional French polishers have discovered various beautiful wooden objects. However, these have got to be our most recent favourites, created by the Echo Carving team in the US. They are an award winning creative group that carve striking objects out of wood using a chain

French polishers praise wood carving genius

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Our French polishers are stunned after seeing this video of a gentleman who has been carving wood most of his life. Since the tender age of 10 he has managed to build a comprehensive collection of some of the most jaw-dropping wood carvings you’ll come across. The video shows Mr Merritt talking about his hobby,

French polishing a wooden record?!

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Our French polishers love to keep wood looking its best. But it’s times like this, when we stumble upon things we’ve never even dreamed of, that makes French polishing all the more worthwhile and exciting. We’re hinting of a wooden record that we’ve discovered online and we just can’t keep our eyes off.

French polishing a Wooden Vespa

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There’s no doubt that our French polishers love French polishing. But they also love driving around on the open road–the wind at their face, the sun shining down and music playing from the radio. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of driving a Vespa and there’s nothing better than seeing one made completely of wood.