Wooden buildings

Tallest timber framed building axed

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Plans for New York’s biggest timber-framed structure has been given the chop. The proposed plans would have seen a ten storey building built in Chelsea on 475 West 18th Street. This mass-timber structure would have been a first for the city.

Wood Design in 2016

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Here we review some of the biggest stories from the world of wood design and innovation during 2016. Sustainable wood used for 2016 Rio Olympic medal cases The wooden cases have been carved from freijó wood otherwise known as Spanish Elm, Ecuador Laurel, cypre and salmwood. As you may have guessed the wood is mostly

Work starts on Tokyo’s 2020 lattice timbered stadium

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Construction work has begun on the Tokyo 2020 lattice timbered stadium, designed by Kengo Kuma, who was controversially selected over British-Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid. Hadid was let go from the job back in July, despite having worked on the design for over two years. Kuma was revealed to be taking over the project in December,

Trees killed by mountain beetles used in wooden construction

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Michael Green Architects have built a seven-storey building in Minneapolis, with timber salvaged from trees killed by mountain pine beetles. In the United States more than 60 million acres have been destroyed by the insect. The number of beetles have increased due to global warming, reports National Geographic. The scale of the current epidemic is

Wooden Floating home built on Chichester Canal

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Architects have built a wooden floating home on the Chichester Canal in the South of England. The home is a replica of a design that won an award earlier in the year, the objective of the ideas competition was to help solve the housing crisis in London. The design is aptly named Chichester, and Baca

Wooden building airlifted onto Skuta Mountain

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A group of Harvard University students designed the Alpine Shelter Skuta during a workshop ran by Spela Videcnik and Rok Oman of Slovenian studios OFIS. Spela and Rok assigned a task to the students, to design a cabin near the peak of the Slovenian Skuta Mountain. The students had to make sure the cabin was