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Wood Design in 2016

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Here we review some of the biggest stories from the world of wood design and innovation during 2016. Sustainable wood used for 2016 Rio Olympic medal cases The wooden cases have been carved from freijó wood otherwise known as Spanish Elm, Ecuador Laurel, cypre and salmwood. As you may have guessed the wood is mostly

Football ground to be made entirely from wood

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A new 5,000 seater football stadium for Forest Green Rovers, will be made completely from wood and has been dubbed the greenest stadium in the world. Powered by sustainable energy sources, the stadium will be the centrepiece of a new £100 million sports and green technology business park.

Wooden Design | Americas best wooden roller coasters

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Here at Terry Waters French Polishing we believe no job is too big, and you don’t get much bigger than these examples of wooden design on a grand scale. The craftsmanship and technical design that has gone into these wooden constructions is nothing short of amazing. The majority of the wooden roller coasters have been

French polishers envy wooden Porsches

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Typically the team of French polishers at TWFP doesn’t like to see wood intentionally destroyed, but we’ll make an exception for this art installation by German artists Köbberling and Kaltwasser. The duo has created a wooden sculpture of two Porsche Cayenne SUVs that look like they are in the middle of a crash.