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Hand carverved wooden ceiling and walls elevate Japanese wedding chapel

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As regular followers of the Terry Waters French Polishing blog may have noticed, our cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration teams have highlighted some magnificent uses of wood from Japan of late. They keep finding stunning examples of the Japanese use of wood to share, and they may have just outdone themselves with this unique, breathtaking

One day, modern churches like this will require historic wood restoration

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As the UK’s leading commercial French polishers, TWFP are required to provide a wide and diverse range of repair, cleaning, polishing and restoration services, including historic wood restoration for heritage sites, castles, royal palaces and churches. While there are not likely to be too many new castles and royal palaces being built in the near

French polishers’ services for churches and places of worship

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Our French polishers typically provide French polishing for commercial premises, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, retail outlets and offices. But did you know we’ve also French polished churches and places of worship? Traditionally these environments tend to have a considerable amount of wood, which vary from the wooden wall panels and pews to pulpits and religious

Kizhi: A French polisher’s dream getaway

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The Russian island of Kizhi is every professional French polisher’s dream destination. First settled in the 15th Century, Kizhi was once home to rural mining villages, but over the last 60 years, dozens of historical wooden buildings have been moved to the island in order to preserve them. The island is now a national open-air