Beautiful Wood

French polishers admire driftwood sculpture

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Our French polishers love wood in all of its forms. We think it’s the most beautiful material to work with, and it seems we aren’t alone. Artists from all over the world use wood to create beautiful pieces of art and we’ve found some great sculptures by Heather Jansch ( that have caught our attention.

French polishers love these wooden keyboards

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In addition to being top-notch French polishers, we like to think of ourselves as tech savvy too. Those of you who have visited our site before will no doubt have noticed that we keep our blog up-to-date with all the latest news on French polishing and wood. So it’s no surprise that when we stumbled

We’d love to apply our French polishing expertise to the Crystal Bridges Museum Store

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Wood, wood, wood! We love it! Whenever we see wood being used for interiors it brings a smile to our faces. It means we get to see yet another interior that we’d love to apply our French polishing expertise too. This beautiful wooden interior at the Crystal Bridges Museum Store in Arkansas, US, by Marlon Blackwell Architect