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Wooden bar shaped like a whale spotted in the Azores

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The team at Terry Waters French Polishing have found another wooden masterpiece in the middle of the Atlantic. The concept was brought to life by Portuguese architects FCC Arquitectura and interior designer Paulo Lobo. The idea behind the wooden bar structure was to closely reflect the contemporary constructional design that this volcanic islands is known

Coffee shop uses beautiful wooden latticework to harmoniously integrate with sensitive location

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At Terry Waters French Polishing we have vast experience of providing cleaning, repair and restoration services for food and drink outlets, such as cafés and coffee shops. Whether man made or wooden, we’ve seen all manner of interior fixtures and fittings, some plain, some beautiful. So when we came across this stunning woven wood lattice interior which features in

French polishing services for cafés, bistros, restaurants, pubs and bars

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As the UK’s largest French polishers we have vast experience of providing wood and non-wood restoration, remedial repair, cleaning, spray polishing and French polishing services to leisure food and drink outlets, such as cafés, bistros, restaurants, pubs and bars. As regular readers of our French polishing blog will know, our team are always looking out for new interiors which

French polishing your wooden interior can contribute to your business’ success

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French polishers can do wonders for your commercial environments. If you own a shop, pub, bar, restaurant or even a hotel that has wooden interior, we would certainly suggest you consider French polishing what may well be under utilised wood. We’re not just saying that because we’re French polishers and because it’s what we love