Keep your home and business safe and looking good with Terry Waters French Polishing fireproofing service. When undertaking this work it is important that you use reputable fireproofing companies such as TWFP. Fireproof contractors come in all shapes and sizes but only a few can produce a professional finish for your wooden floors and surfaces.

If you are a business owner the responsibility of fire safety in the workplace falls squarely on your shoulders. Expert fireproofing of wood is not only a legal commercial requirement but essential to establish and maintain the finish.

What are Class 1 and Class 0 fireproofing standards?

They refer to the surface spread of flames standards

Class 1 and Class 0 Fire Protection

  • Class 1 requires no surface spread of flames
  • Class 0 is an additional level of protection for high-risk areas such as escape routes, the finish to the surface must not, therefore, amplify or intensify the fire

If you’re unsure what level of protection you require call one of our professional team for a discussion around your specific needs. We have many years of experience dealing with both commercial properties and historic buildings.

Our fire retardant treatment enables wooden surfaces to react better to fire. The term ‘flame retardant’ applies to treatments which actively reduce the surface spread of flame. We only use treatments which increase the fire resistance of wooden surfaces.

Fireproofing your wooden interiors and wooden furniture

No one is exempt from the dangers of interior fire, get in touch with Terry Waters French Polishing to discuss our fireproofing standards and services. We also offer wood polishing and wood restoration services, to find out more call 01827 874 535 or complete our online form.

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