Terry Waters French Polishing are the UK’s largest French Polisher. When it comes to maintaining wooden flooring, our size and experience is again our advantage. Here are some basic tips to help maintain your hardwood flooring, if the damage is a bit more than your willing to take on then please get in touch.

Preventing damage to wood floors in the first instance

Take preventative measure by placing mats outside and inside external doors. Use floor protectors under furniture and rugs to prevent scratches and dents in the wooden flooring.

Basic care for wood floors

Get in the habit of regularly cleaning your wooden floors to prevent dust, dirt, and pet hair from scratching the surface. Take extra care when hoovering wooden floors as some vacuum attachments, that are great for carpets, can scratch a wood floor’s finish. Electrostatic cloths are a cheap and safe alternative for smaller areas.

Deeper cleaning hardwood floors

Some substances like oil and grime build up over time and are completely removed by weekly cleaning. Deep cleaning is something you can do a couple of times a year to keep the build up at bay. Make sure you pick an appropriate wood-cleaning product, always read the label or you may do more harm than good. If you’re unsure, please get in touch with Terry Waters French Polishing who can arrange a time to deep clean your wood floors at a time that suits you.

Removing marks from hardwood floors

The finish on your hardwood floor will dictate how you tackle any marks from the surface. If you can see that the stain has penetrated the surface of the hardwood floor, then the floor has probably had a soft oiled finish. A soft oiled finish is most common in older homes or buildings where the floor has never been refinished and sealed. Avoid using any harsh chemicals, sandpaper, or steel wool as this will do more harm than good.

Common issues with hardwood flooring include:

  • Oil based stains
  • Dark spots
  • Pet stains
  • Heel marks
  • Water marks or white marks

Does your hardwood floor need a professional clean?

We hope these tips on cleaning and maintaining your hardwood flooring will come in handy. However, if you are a small, medium, or large business who require our help on a grander scale then please get in touch with the TWFP team today. Call us on 01827 874 535, or complete this online contact form. Alternatively, email us at info@twfp.co.uk

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