A group of Harvard University students designed the Alpine Shelter Skuta during a workshop ran by Spela Videcnik and Rok Oman of Slovenian studios OFIS. Spela and Rok assigned a task to the students, to design a cabin near the peak of the Slovenian Skuta Mountain. The students had to make sure the cabin was tough enough to withstand the extreme Alpine climate.









A proposal by Frederick Kim, Katie MacDonald and Erin Pellegrino was selected to replace a 50-year-old storm shelter on a plot below Slovenia’s Skuta Mountain – the third tallest peak in the Kamnik Alps.

The structure was transported to the mountain by helicopter in three distinct pieces which were built off-site. Sixty volunteers managed to piece the cabin together in only one day.

The team used metal joints to anchor the wooden building to the mountain, the glass is reinforced to help combat snow drifts and strong winds which are common in the area.

The cabin is split into three modules, the first is the entrance and an area for food preparation and storage, the second is used for socialising, and the third is used for sleeping.

Wooden building Skuta Mountain












“All would agree that, despite the small size, it was no less demanding than any large building project,” said the architects. “However, all of the effort and planning for this small scale project is meant to keep the memory, spirit and culture of the mountains as a special place for Slovenians.”

“The hope is that the bivouac will serve as a shelter for all of the climbers who need it, and that through their care and attention the bivouac will continue to do so for many years.”

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