Here at Terry Waters French polishing we are always interested in design and innovation. Here we shine a light on the London Festival of Architecture which runs from the 1st to the 30th of June 2016.

Xylophone pavilion built for London Festival of Architecture

The pavilion includes copper pipes built into one of the walls of the structure and can be played like a giant musical instrument. The pipes are mounted to the wooden slats, making a wave like shape. Children are encouraged to have fun and make some noise with small mallets provided at the entrance. The copper pipes allow the structure to be used as a giant xylophone.

pH+ who built the structure for the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy (LCCCP) are a local London client-focused architectural practice. They combine traditional architectural methods with innovative design, delivering projects at any scale.

When the festival ends the structure will be relocated to the playground of the LCCCP new school building in North London.

School Director Jo Honigmann had this to say:

“We hope the installation will give visitors a great taster of the innovative features we plan to include in our new centre and school,”

What else is going on?

Other features at the event include folding stalls and a cocktail maker for London’s East Street market.
Called Live Projects, the designs are the result of an academic competition set by London-based Studio Gil founders Pedro Gil and Christo Meyer, who teach undergraduate Studio 55 at the University of Brighton’s school of architecture.

The designs are a result of an academic competition ran by Studio Gil. The constructions had to carefully consider the Latin Community in South East London, and incorporate this thinking into the structures they would build. They would then appear at the weekly East Street Market, one of London’s oldest markets.

Josh Dobson designed a folding stall, brightly painted orange and yellow, it stands out amongst the other stalls. It features a confetti cannon and a host of strings and pulleys that form interactive games and help draw people in. At the end of the day the structure can be flat packed into a 2.4 x 2 metre box.

The second installation produces Brazilian Caipirinhas cocktails and was designed by James Goreings. The stall is formed from two free-standing towers painted blue and pink. The towers store the ingredients for the drinks and a copper tap wraps the structure and releases the alcohol.

The two projects were installed on East Street market on Saturday 4 June 2016 as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2016, which runs from 1 to 30 June.

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