At Terry Waters French polishing our wood restoration and remedial repair experts understand the versatility and flexibility that wooden buildings have in abundance. Here is an example of remedial repair work in action, with a wooden build that has stood the test of time. A Norwegian boathouse has been revamped and converted into a stylish summerhouse by Oslo studios Koreo Arkitekter and Kolab Arkitekter.


The summerhouse has retained some of its original features such as large waterfront doors and a traditional pitched roof. The profile is the same but the space has been expanded and is now twice as long. Lights carefully placed within the wooden walls help the building glow at night.

The build is near a little fishing village called Vikebygd, and is named Naust V which is the Norwegian for boathouse. A lot of boathouses have been converted into leisure facilities due to the declining fishing industry within Norway. Traditionally the boathouses were used to store fishing equipment and were generally well built, to guard against the elements, with simple materials.


There is a sheltered open space at the back of the boathouse which the designers call the winter garden. A lot of remedial repair work was needed as the whole of the 40-square-meter building had to be reclad, and the entirety of the exterior of the old building was covered in locally sourced heartwood pine. The windows are made from translucent plastic which makes them almost invisible during the day.

Different surfaces are used to separate the interior of the build, the original building has a concrete floor where as the newly developed area has a stone patio. A wood-burning stove also sits in the middle of the two levels. Space is at a premium, so the designers have incorporated seating and storage into the walls of the building.

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