At Terry Waters French Polishing our remedial wood repair and restoration services are applied to pretty much everything wooden. Whether it be modern or historic, our team of expert French polishers have the experience and expertise to deliver the skills necessary to enhance all your wood, including wooden tables.

As leading providers of commercial French polishing and restoration services,  the TWFP team have dealt with tables manufactured from a wide and diverse range of materials, including solid wood, veneers, laminates, plastics and many others for use in a wide variety of business offices, retail outlets, restaurants, bars, hotels and public sector services (such as schools, hospitals, GPs and administrative centres).

As such we like to keep an eye out for the latest table design and manufacturing trends, which is why these wooden tables embedded with photoluminescent resin by Mike Warren caught our eye.

Starting with Pecky Cypress (a lumber which features pockets and recesses) Warren fills the naturally formed voids with a photoluminescent powder mixed together with a clear casting resin. The results as you can see are dramatic, creating a stunning effect not seen in wood furniture before.

It’s of particular interest to our wood repair team because ordinarily they would be looking to fill in or remove any cracks or imperfections with traditional French polishing sanding, filling and retouching techniques. Warren’s work is similar in principle, but his use of photoluminescent resin highlights the pockets and recesses, rather than making them disappear. And while we won’t be employing this process for any of our remedial wood repair activities, all of us at Terry Waters French Polishing can certainly appreciate Warren’s artistry and technique.

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