As the UK’s leading commercial French polishers, TWFP are required to provide a wide and diverse range of repair, cleaning, polishing and restoration services, including historic wood restoration for heritage sites, castles, royal palaces and churches. While there are not likely to be too many new castles and royal palaces being built in the near future (well, perhaps in the middle east, but certainly not the UK), churches are a different matter, like this Norweigen example made from pine wood.

Situated in Knarvik, Norway, this modern interpretation of the traditional¬†Norwegian stave church was designed by Oslo-based practice Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter. Set in a stunning location (where four¬†fjords converge together) the church’s design and build takes inspiration from type of wood-framed and wood walled structures typically found throughout Scandanavia in the middle ages, a characteristic of which being a prominent, very destinctive roof. In this case three triangular roof planes soars upwards, forming a dramatic corner spire that defines the building and dominates the skyline. Its form (in our opinion) is suggestive of a connection to God.

With a pinewood exterior cladding which in its original state appears light and silvery, weathering will eventually darken the wood to a smouldering, smokey charcoal colour. Inside the light colouring will remain, with pinewood used throughout.

Not unexpectedly, there aren’t too many stave churches that originated from the middle ages remaining today, and those that have survived are rightly considered heritage sites – the type of environment that our experienced historic wood restoration teams apply their skills in.

It’s hard to say if in years to come this beautiful wooden church will ever attain heritage site or historic status, but no matter what the outcome there’s no doubt in our minds that – like all wooden structures and interiors – it will require the range of wood repair, restoration, cleaning and polishing services TWFP provide.

Historic wood restoration for heritage sites and churches

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