Take a look at the stunning wooden interior of Belfast’s Lyric Theatre. Our French polishers love it!

As the UK’s leading commercial French polishers we provide French polishing and wood restoration services to a wide and varied selection of businesses. Like the customers we serve, these activities are diverse and varied too. In many cases just a single service will be required, such as maintaining wooden flooring, or French polishing wooden tables and chairs, or repairing and polishing wooden doors.

Some customers even have wood panelling which requires our tender loving care. The majority of these are typically historical and heritage sites, usually many, many years old, but not always. There is one type of client that encapsulates all of these services, including the cleaning or restoration of wood panels, and that is the entertainment sector – specifically theatres.

At TWFP we’ve provided French polishing and wood restoration services to theatres for many years. Our customer’s commercial confidentiality does not permit us to reveal for whom or when, but if you’re in the business of theatre facilities management you’ll know already that it’s a very small world and that everyone knows everyone. Ask around and soon enough you’ll hear our name mentioned.

So while we can’t tell you anything further, we can still bring to your attention an outstanding example of wood used in a theatre which all the team at TWFP adore. As we’ve already stated, not all wood panelling is exclusively historic, as the recently re-developed Lyric Theatre in Belfast can attest.

Completed in 2012, this stunning building makes magnificent use of wood throughout, in particular for the main performance hall. As these pictures show, the craftsmanship and design of the hall is truly spectacular, featuring stunning dark wood panelled walls and a private box gallery which take the breath away. There’s also a beautiful tiered wooden floor and staircase.

While these images show just how attractive wooden surfaces can be, flooring in particular will be vulnerable to wear and tear through heavy footfall and visitor traffic bringing outdoor elements, such as rain and dirt inside. That’s where specialist French polishing and wood restoration services, such as those that TWFP provide will make all the difference. With our many years of expertise we’re the ideal choice to restore and protect wooden surfaces.

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