As the UK’s largest French polishers, a great deal of our experience and expertise is focused on the restoration services and French polishing for retailers we provide UK businesses across the country. Whether it’s a single premises or a chain of outlets, our French polishers have seen a wide and diverse range of interiors over the years. So when we say that this beautiful wood interior for skincare brand Aesop Bibliotekstan’s Stockholm store is exciting our entire wood restoration team, you know we really mean it.

Created by interior designers In Praise of Shadows, Aesop’s Stockholm store makes brilliant use of reclaimed elm tree timber from Djurgården National Park in Stockholm, as well as Heart Oak from the Danish producer Dinesen. The reclaimed elements were created in collaboration with wood artist Lies Marie Hoffman, comprising three functional retail elements – the point-of-sale counter, a sink and a bench. The walls, floors and roof comprise Dinesen oak wood sourced from sustainable forestry.

While from a French polishing for retailers’ perspective the walls, floors and roof are of professional interest to the TWFP team, it’s the reclaimed wood feature pieces that steal the show. We can’t decide which is our favourite piece; the awesome scale of the point-of-sale counter – which highlights the natural splits in the wood – has an incredible presence which cannot fail to impress; the elegant sink which showcases the craftsmanship that can be achieved by a talented artist with wood; or the simple yet dramatic bench. Which is your favourite?

As a brand new store the wooden flooring of the Aesop Stockholm location is in pristine condition, but over time it – like all retail outlets – it will deteriorate. Heavy footfall, exacerbated by water and dirt generated by local weather conditions, will result in wear and tear which will negatively effect the quality and finish of the wood. That’s where our wood restoration and French polishing skills make a difference. We not only provide the experience and expertise to bring damaged wood flooring back to life, we do it at a time and to a schedule that suits the needs of retailers, ensuring that our services do not interfere with usual retail operations.

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