French polishers can do wonders for your commercial environments. If you own a shop, pub, bar, restaurant or even a hotel that has wooden interior, we would certainly suggest you consider French polishing what may well be under utilised wood. We’re not just saying that because we’re French polishers and because it’s what we love to do – it can genuinely make a positive contribution and make a difference to the success of your business.

Commercial environments tend to be heavily used, particularly pubs, bars and retail outlets as they typically make use of wooden flooring, counter tops, tables as well as chairs and stools. If you imagine the amount of footfall your floor receives daily, the damage from drinks that are spilled on bar counters, and the amount of scratches and marks they accumulate over time, your business could subsequently look very tired and worn, resulting in creating a bad impression with your customers, and even potentially damaging your company’s reputation. You wouldn’t want to risk losing customers, especially loyal ones, to the state of your wood.

You may not have considered this before, but it is possible that the increase in financial success to your business could lie in the hands of getting a one off, long lasting treatment to your wooden interior. If you’re not convinced, why not put it to the test? Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what difference French polishing could make in the number of customers your business attracts and gain for the long term? It really could make all the difference.

For wooden flooring we provide repairs, restoration and polishing services. We also provide furniture restoration for all your over used tables and chairs. For extra safety and precautionary measures we also offer a fire-proofing service.

French polishing is good for wood as well as your business

Our French polishing experts would love to see your business shine, not because of our French polish but to really see your business prosper. If you’re fully convinced and would like to give your wooden interior a well-deserved revamp, we’re right behind you! Give us a call on 01827 874 535 to see which of our services your business requires. You can also email us at or alternatively complete our online enquiry form.

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