It’s Summer time!  Our French Polishers think what better way to spend a holiday than to visit somewhere new and exotic?  Many tourists will go sightseeing but our team of skilled craftsmen say that the environment people stay in is important too. If you’re a hotel owner, our team at Terry Waters French Polishing can help your accommodation look five star! Our French polishing services have been established for more than 30 years. If you may think French polishing is just used for antique furniture, think again. Our French polishers can revitalise weary, worn wooden flooring.

The following examples are not anything that we’ve French polished, but having stumbled upon these on the internet, our team of French polishers found some of these tree house hotels breathtaking. This one is deep in a Swedish forest, called The Bird Nest room. As the name implies it is said that the room is mimicking a bird’s nest with interlocking branches on the outside.

We also found this cosy looking room rather impressive, its interior is made of plywood with a birch surface.

Another tree house hotel our French polishers found is on the coast of Belize. Most of the furniture at this resort is made locally from woods such as mahogany and rosewood. That’s a lot of wood, and we would love the opportunity to polish magnificent hotels like these!

French Polishing involves the process of sanding, applying shellac with a pad, applying a sealing coat, grain filling with pumice, and finally applying the French polish. Our team of French polishers believe in consistency, reliability, professionalism and excellence.

If your hotel has lots of wood panelling or wooden floors, consider using the services at Terry Waters French Polishing. 

French Polishers can help enhance your hotel

Your hotel can benefit from our wood restoration expertise, including the enhancement of wooden furniture, wooden floors, wooden interiors and exteriors. Contact Terry Waters French Polishing today on 01827 874 535. Alternatively email us at or complete our contact form.

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