Our expert French polishers have a wealth of experience when it comes to maintaining the wood in some of UK’s most fascinating heritage homes and sites. We understand the importance of keeping the beautiful historic wooden furniture, staircase, floors and fixtures in pristine condition. That’s why we at Terry Waters French Polishing provide the best French polishing services for our institutional and commercial customers.

Many of Britain’s stately homes and sites often offer tourist attractions on the grounds as well as tours within the homes. Tourist exposure to the houses can subsequently lead to floors, staircases and banisters becoming dull, worn and shabby through repeated walking, scuffing and scratching. Maintenance is therefore an important part of the upkeep of these residences, to ensure visitors get a true representation of your prestigious home.

French polishing is an age old wood finishing technique, which dates back to the 18th century. The technique is rather fitting for heritage sites, as most of them would have been built between the 16th and early part of the 20th centuries, giving the wood the appropriate look and conservation it deserves. The technique itself is applied using a pad, which is lubricated in oil, and involves applying very thin layers of shellac repeatedly. The result is an extremely deep coloured, high gloss surface also bringing out the natural beauty of the woods grain and chatoyancy. Your doors, floors, staircases and banisters, as well as other antique wood in your palace, castle or stately home, can truly be enhanced with our French polishing services.

We understand the need to meet your customers’ expectations and to create the best possible visitor experience. So, if your heritage site is in need of French polishing, we’re here to help. Our expertise in the field is our pride and passion. We offer nothing short of the best French polishing services assuredly bringing out your woods natural beauty.

French polishing for heritage sites

For more information on how our professional French polishers can maintain the wood in your Stately Home, Royal Palace or Castle, please contact Terry Waters French Polishing on 01827 874 535, fill in our contact form, or email Terry Waters French Polishing.

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