Whether it’s a single conference table or all your office wooden doors, floors, tables and chairs, no job is too big or small for our French polishing experts. We understand the importance of the appearance and maintenance of your office’s furniture, as nobody likes to work on – or see – well-used and worn desks, tables and chairs. The quality of your office wood interior could make all the difference to your working environment, including employee attitudes towards their work, and even their view on your company. This goes for your customers too. We all want to make a good impression, so why not start by getting your furniture right and giving them a new lease of life with our French polishing expertise and services?

Commercial interiors with wooden office furniture typically undergo a great deal of use on a daily basis. Whatever your office environment, we know that unwanted marks, blemishes, scratches, dinks, dents and stains are inevitable and can easily mount up, subsequently giving your office an unpleasant and unprofessional appearance. Furniture can lose its original appearance and quality over time due to continuous use. We believe this is the last thing you want. We can help revive your office by applying our French polishing skills and techniques to your wood, returning its natural beauty and giving it the lift it’s been missing.

You may find that the conference table you use for important meetings is starting to look a bit dull and scruffy, with scratches and marks prominent. In order to remove these unsightly marks we would carefully sand down the wood, removing the imperfections, then apply numerous layers of shellac, the main material used for French polishing. Using an oil lubricated pad we would smooth over the surface over and over again, resulting in a high gloss shine which produces a long lasting, healthy finish.

Your office deserves to be looked after and kept in the best possible condition, especially when representing the company. We understand your offices need to reflect your company’s vision and values, and is exactly why we would recommend French polishing your wooden furniture. We would be very happy to help you acheive this with a French polish make over.

French polishing services for company offices and business premises

If you think your office wood furniture needs French polishing, or want more information on our commercial services, call us today on 01827 874 535. You can also fill in our contact form, or if you prefer email Terry Waters French Polishing.

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