Throughout the many years at Terry Waters French Polishing, our professional French polishers have discovered various beautiful wooden objects. However, these have got to be our most recent favourites, created by the Echo Carving team in the US. They are an award winning creative group that carve striking objects out of wood using a chain saw. We’re amazed by this as originally wood carving involved using a chisel or a knife to create delicate sculptures like the ones below.  They take it to a whole new level!

Soft woods such as Pine, Spruce and Cedar are less expensive and easier to carve but are not as durable as hardwood. Another disadvantage to using softwood is that it is resinous and will split easily, probably not the most suitable types of wood for chainsaw carving. Hardwoods include Mahogany, Oak, and Maple. Although it is more expensive and harder to carve from these woods they are more durable.

Here you can see for yourself the amazing Echo Carving team in action below. Our team of French polishers were astonished to see how skillful each team member is with the chain saw, especially at the tip of the wood.  What do you think of their carving abilities?

We think that these full throttle art forms should have the finest care and that our French polishing services would help these wooden sculptures attain their full potential. Here at Terry Waters French polishing, no matter what type of wood you have, our French polishing services will help strengthen and enhance your wood.

If you have any wood in your home or workplace, our French polishing services can give it that well deserved fun TLC, providing the smooth and glossy finish it deserves.

French Polishers for all your unusual wooden products

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