Did you know that Terry Waters French Polishing can provide their spray polishing services for organisations with a considerable amount of wood, for example schools? Head teachers, what do you see when you walk in to your classroom? Are the children kicking the skirting boards and writing on their wooden desks? Do you see chewing gum stains and scratches from a pupil using a compass to engrave their name? If the answer is yes, we’re sure that your school’s wooden furniture would really appreciate a spray polish.

Spray polishing for schools

Spray polishing is an alternative to French polishing, and is more cost effective for businesses when placing bulk orders. Despite this, our French polishers can also process single spray polishing orders for when you have a specific requirement. We can restore your school’s wooden objects, generating a look that suits your specific request, either by using cellulose or water based lacquers. While doing this, we will also ensure that this look is consistent throughout your furniture.

We realise that spray polishing may not necessarily be the appropriate finish for other important wooden features in your school, for example the floor of your assembly hall. Typically, your assembly hall will hold important ceremonies or regular gatherings and we understand that heavy foot fall, or sticky sweets from the previous years’ school disco have left it looking scratched or stained. We can provide you with our expert French polishing skills to bring your floor back to life, ready for the next special occasion. Although French polishing isn’t as cost effective as spray polishing, the intensive process will provide your wooden floor with a highly glossed finish known as chatoyancy, coined from the French term “œil de cha”, meaning “cats eye”. The finish will be strong and deeply coloured, and if further wear and tear occurs, our French polishers can once more repair the wood, giving it the finish you desire.

In these times of austerity, and with the impact government cut backs have had on schools, our French polishers are here to provide your wood with the tender loving care it deserves. There is no need for you to replace your wooden objects, as spray polishing is excellent value for money and our services can be carried out when your school is closed, to minimise any disturbance to your classes.

Spray polishing for your school’s needs

If you require further information about spray, or French polishing, please contact Terry Waters French polishing today on 01827 874 535. Otherwise, fill in our contact form, or email Terry Waters French Polishing.

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