Our team of French polishers often come across bespoke wooden objects, either on the internet or those which they are lucky enough to apply their art to. Recently, they have noticed a trend for modern staircases and are particularly captivated by these found in homes around the world.

This wooden staircase was designed by nC2 artchitecture in Brooklyn, New York. Our French polishers are enthralled by the use of space here as the stairs leading to a loft bedroom are also used to encorporate extra shelving. We would absolutely love to get our hands on this piece of art!

This staircase which is located in the Godzilla House in Seoul, Korea by Chae-Pereira Artchitects is a modern and unusual design. Although the stairs seem to be supported by white poles, the desired effect is that they are floating in an all white room. The only natural light source they receive is from hidden windows which are situated above!

Located in Kuala Lampur, by Paris firm Jouin Manku, this winding staircase is a mesmerizing feature of this palatial family home. The staircase was designed to resemble a sea shell when viewed from above and has clearly achieved its desired look! Our French polishers cannot take their eyes off this piece and would love to be given the opportunity to work their magic!

Although our French polishers are amazed by these wonderful staircases, we have a strong passion for all wooden objects. Drawing on years of experience, we could transform your wood back to its original state by applying our French polishing skills with tender loving care. By repeatedly applying thin layers of shellac, your wood will be left with an extremely deep coloured and durable finish. Our French polishers can restore, repair and finish your wood, bringing out the natural beauty of its woods grain.

Our French polishers can help maintain your wooden interior

If you have a bespoke wooden interior which our French polishers can restore back to life, contact our team of French polishers today on 01827 874 535. Alternatively, you can email Terry Waters French Polishing or fill in our contact form.

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