Our French polishers are stunned after seeing this video of a gentleman who has been carving wood most of his life. Since the tender age of 10 he has managed to build a comprehensive collection of some of the most jaw-dropping wood carvings you’ll come across. The video shows Mr Merritt talking about his hobby, while he presents his work explaining the process and the methods that he uses to achieve the finished products.

After watching this video, our French polishers naturally developed a liking for several of the wood carvings including the moving caged balls encased within another cage, the minute pair of scissors and not to forget the even smaller and intricately crafted toothpick chain. Which one is your favourite? Like us, we’re pretty sure you’ll have more than one.

We especially love how the wooden objects are functioning tools and how he makes a variation in size just for the change of speed, motion and techniques needed to make the objects. We love the superbly shiny little cowboy boot – it almost looks as though it’s had a coat of French polish applied! We think it would be criminal not to mention the matchstick chain. Our French polishers are blown away by the precision and attention that it has taken to create such miniature links, and we can’t help but appreciate how delicately the piece is handled.

We’re very happy to see such adoration and passion for this remarkable hobby, and we’re pleased to see that there are people around the world who also share a love for wood, as much as we do.

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