You may think that French polishing can only be used in a home environment to restore your dining tables and chest of drawers, but you’d be mistaken. French polishing can be applied to wooden furniture in a number of different settings, one of these being retail outlets. Customers have certain expectations when entering a shopping environment and it is imperative to ensure these expectations are met.

If your wooden floors are looking somewhat shabby, your display cabinets dented and scratched, and your fitting room area damaged, French polishing is the answer.

As a retail outlet, it makes sense to maintain your furniture so that it keeps your customers coming back. Everyone likes a smart, clean environment and as the largest French polishing company in the UK, we can help you achieve just this.

French polishing is the art of repairing, restoring and finishing wood, providing it with a new lease of life. With the use of wood in interiors as strong as ever, increasingly more retail companies are introducing wood into their stores.

There are many reasons why you should use our French polishers to restore your wood. With the current economic climate, there is no need for you to replace damaged floors and cabinets. Why pay the expense when French polishing is better value for money and can be done when it suits you? Our French polishers will work to your business hours in order to keep any disruption to a minimum. We are also aware that you may have multiple outlets and therefore we will ensure that a consistent programme of French polishing is achieved.

The art of French polishing is painstaking and intensive but to a professional French polisher, this tender loving care is part of the patient process required to nurture damaged wood back to life. This will result in the creation of a highly glossed and deep coloured surface, which enhances the natural beauty of the wood’s grain.

By applying shellac to wood using an oil lubricated pad, our French polishers will provide your wood with a beautiful and protective layer. Our French polishing can be applied to wooden cabinets, shelves, display cases, counter tops, floors, doors and wall panels. Of course, wear and tear may return naturally after some time and therefore our professional French polishers can apply their art again, once more restoring your wood to its very best.

French polishers will transform your retail outlets

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