Have your solid wood tables been dented or scratched? Does your bar area have alcohol stains where the polish has been burnt away? Maybe your wooden floor has holes from the stepping of high heels or marks from rubber soles? If so, French polishing can rescue your wood and bring it back to life.

Some people believe that French polishing is only for reviving furniture in the home, for example cupboards and tables. In fact, French polishers can apply their art to wood in commercial settings too, including pubs, bars and restaurants. Wooden items in these environments tend to get damaged easily, either by alcohol or the accumulation of basic scratches and dents.

It is important to keep your wooden floors, bars, tables and other wooden objects in the best possible condition in order to enhance your customer’s experience. No one likes to eat their meal on a chipped dining table or drink their favourite cocktail off a scratched and discoloured bar. Our French polishers are here to ensure that this doesn’t happen and by applying their skills, will make sure your wood is left with a beautiful surface finish, just like new.

The art of French polishing involves giving damaged wood a new lease of life and our French polishers do this through the repair, restoration and finishing of wood. It is an intensive process which involves shellac being applied to wood using an oil lubricated pad, called a fad, and will transform your bars or restaurants, helping to draw your customers in.

When you think about the expense of replacing your floors, tables and your bar area, you realise why you should use our French polishers to apply their art instead. Our company will ensure there is no disruption to your workplace by French polishing your wood when it suits you. We will negotiate a price, which is cheaper than replacing your wooden floors and furniture and will give you a much more effective finish too. By using our French polishers, your wood will glow with the creation of a deep coloured and glossy, mirror-like surface. If further natural wear and tear occurs to your bars, tables, floors, wall panels and doors in the future, then our French polishers can restore your wood and bring out it’s natural beauty once again.

French polishing services for your pubs, bars and restaurants

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