Our French polishers typically provide French polishing for commercial premises, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, retail outlets and offices. But did you know we’ve also French polished churches and places of worship? Traditionally these environments tend to have a considerable amount of wood, which vary from the wooden wall panels and pews to pulpits and religious artefacts.

With many people entering churches on a daily basis for private prayer, religious ceremonies and special occasions, including weddings, wooden floors will become worn following heavy foot fall, scrapes and abrasion. Pews are prone to denting and scratching (and dare we say the occasional bit of chewing gum stuck underneath!). Many churches have wooden antiques and historical artefacts, such as the crucifix or organ, which over time will succumb to wear and tear. We all know from experience that a church which is well maintained contributes to the experience of all who visit it, so it makes sense to keep your church’s interior looking up to date healthy. As experienced French polishers we can help revitalise your church’s wood.

French polishing is an intensive, painstaking process which we have great passion for. Our art involves lovingly restoring, repairing and finishing wood by bringing out its natural beauty and delicate grain. We apply layer upon layer of shellac with an oil lubricated pad, known as a fad, to subtly bring out your wood’s inner beauty. This labour of love results in the creation of a highly polished finish known as chatoyancy, derived from the French œil de chat, meaning cat’s eye, a finish French polishing looks very much like.

Not only will our French polishing enhance the beauty of your wood’s grain, the process itself is far more cost effective than replacing your existing wooden furniture and objects. In the current economic climate, and with church attendance historically in decline, it’s vital that church donations are made to work that little bit harder and provide you with value for money.

French polishing will enhance the appearance of your church

If you want to learn more about how French polishing can revitalise your church, contact Terry Waters French Polishing today on 01827 874 535. Alternatively email us at info@twfp.co.uk or complete our contact form.