If you own or manage a pub, bar, restaurant, or nightclub, or any other environment which has large quantities of wooden assets, such as tables, chairs, stools or benches, the chances are these objects have suffered from wear and tear over the years, leaving them a shadow of their former self.


Whether it be scratches and scrapes, dings and bumps, or marks and stains, commercial wooden furniture will suffer and become unsightly or damaged. This can have negative consequences on your business. With so much choice and variety available to consumers, your premises’ appearance can be the difference between keeping your existing patrons, attracting new customers, or losing everyone altogether.

In the current economic climate it is unrealistic to expect businesses to simply replace existing wooden assets with new purchases. On top of this, so many more businesses are failing in the face of increased competition for a declining customer base that any investment in new fixtures and fittings is incredibly risky.

So what’s the solution to reviving your commercial environment? The answer is spray polishing by leading French polishers, Terry Waters. Whereas French polishing is a painstaking, time consuming service, typically applied to individual wooden items, spray polishing offers the benefit of being applied to many items at once, thus providing the benefit of cost savings on bulk orders.

As you’d expect, French polishing does provide a superior finish, but don’t make the mistake of thinking spray polishing is in any way inferior. The two techniques serve different needs, and we can assure you that our spray polishing provides our customers with the highest quality finish of its kind available anywhere in the UK.

Our technicians will transport all your wooden assets to our purpose built, state of the art spray finish facilities at a time convenient to you so as to minimise any disruption to your business. Once there our team will strip the wood down – revealing a fresh layer of grain – and apply a coating which both enhances the beauty of, and protects the surface of wood.

We’re long experienced and skilled in the art of French polishing, and the same goes for spray polishing too. We have a variety of lacquers, both cellulose and water based, which determine the final look of your rejuvenated wood, the selection of which depends on the type of finish you desire. Whichever you choose, one thing’s for sure: you’re guaranteed a consistent finish throughout the entire range of wood you ask us to treat.

The results are spectacular. We transform commercial furniture, from tired looking and out of date, to revitalised, rejuvenated and desirable, and all without having to spend a fortune on new, often inferior, and certainly overpriced furnishings.

Spray polisher can bring a new lease of life to your wooden furnishings

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