Our French polishers have found a beautifully crafted wooden bathtub range Laguna, by Alegna. Their tubs are crafted with the appearance of perfect French polish applied.

The bathtub is an elegant and smooth bowl shaped structure, designed for the ultimate, spa-like relaxation experience. The tub boasts an exquisite extra-wide rim containing pebbles, which prevent the over-flow of water. Instead, the water gently gurgles away, lapping into the pebbles to produce a relaxing, soul-soothing experience – exactly what you need after a hard days work. The extraordinary rim allows you to fully immerse your neck and head in the water without having to worry about spilling water out of the tub.

Beyond functioning as a bathtub, it serves as an attractive centre piece for the bathroom, providing a striking sculpture- like appearance.

The bathtub consists of high quality wood veneers that are compressed under immense pressure and fully saturated with resin. This gives the tub the rich, glossy finish that the surface subsequently presents.

The tub can be manufactured from various types of wood, including mahogany, pear, walnut and wenge to name a few. With this variety in colour your personal taste and vision can be accommodated.

Should the bathtub accumulate any unwanted marks or scratches over the years, our professional French polishers can apply their magic leaving it in pristine condition.

If you have got any bespoke wooden products, objects, floors or furniture that you would like restoring to as good as new, our French polishers can help. We provide various on-site French polishing services to commercial clients, including architects, retailers and anyone that really wants to look after their much loved wood.

French polishing does wonders for all your loved wood

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