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French polishers’ services for churches and places of worship

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Our French polishers typically provide French polishing for commercial premises, such as bars, restaurants, clubs, retail outlets and offices. But did you know we’ve also French polished churches and places of worship? Traditionally these environments tend to have a considerable amount of wood, which vary from the wooden wall panels and pews to pulpits and religious

French polishing can bring your retail outlet’s wooden fixtures and fittings back to life

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You may think that French polishing can only be used in a home environment to restore your dining tables and chest of drawers, but you’d be mistaken. French polishing can be applied to wooden furniture in a number of different settings, one of these being retail outlets. Customers have certain expectations when entering a shopping

French polishers praise wood carving genius

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Our French polishers are stunned after seeing this video of a gentleman who has been carving wood most of his life. Since the tender age of 10 he has managed to build a comprehensive collection of some of the most jaw-dropping wood carvings you’ll come across. The video shows Mr Merritt talking about his hobby,