The Panorama House: French polishers envy one of architect, Moon Hoon’s latest creation

Our French polishing team have stumbled upon some great wooden historic sites and buildings recently. But it’s not just the old stuff that amazes us, it’s the new stuff too. We’ve never seen a house quite like this one in Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea. We know, it’s not made entirely out of wood, but a lot of the inner construction and features are, including the staircase, flooring, bookshelves and our personal favourite, the wooden slide.

The ‘Panorama House’ is home to a family of six whose hopes of building their dream home became a reality thanks to architect, Moon Hoon. The idea was to create a large multi-functional space for their four children to study, read, play and be active in. The architectural design and subsequently name of the house were inspired by the irregular shape and slope of the land. Hoon thought that the land provided plenty of scope for windows to be fitted around the house, which would give them beautiful scenic, panoramic views. Interestingly, the family decided to split the lower and upper half of the house between the adults and children. When the grown-ups rule the top half, the kids have taken over the lower.

The unusual zigzag structure of the house was created to accentuate the appearance of cube like boxes in perspective. Our French polishers would do a great job fire proofing the large indoor multi-functional space and area, which consists of an indoor slide, bookshelves, staircase, casual reading area and home cinema. Something we’d consider a must-do, especially when there are children ruling the house. A little French polishing would enhance the woods beauty too.

We highly rate Mr Moon Hoon for his innovative designs and would love to French polish some of his latest creations, given the chance.

In the meantime, if you have any funky wooden features in your house, commercial property or business, we’d be delighted to give you a hand in sprucing up your wood for you.

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